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How to Take Screenshoot Vivo V15 and V15 Pro

How to Take Screenshoot Vivo V15 and V15 Pro - Vivo some time ago has officially released anyar phones which are named Vivo V15, which is a smart phone that comes with three rear cameras and a front camera using a pop-up feature that has a lens up to 32 megapixels.

Besides that it looks luxurious and charming. Moreover, this smart phone is aimed at the upper middle class, because the cellphone is priced at $.400,21.

many features available on this latest smartphone made by Vivo, you can browse the advantages for this device.

One important feature such as screenshots is certainly already available in this device. Then how do you use it? Now on this occasion we will give tips on how to capture the screen on Vivo V15 cellphone

Tutorial How to Screenshoot Vivo V15 in 4 ways

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Screenshot using Swipe 3 Finger

  1. First, please enter the settings menu on the Vivo V15 smartphone
  2. On the Settings page, please go to the Screenshot menu
  3. In the Screenshot page, then you can immediately activate the Three fingers swipe screenshot feature
  4. After this feature is active, you can immediately determine the area to be screenshot
  5. Next, you can sweep or swipe the screen from top to bottom with 3 fingers pressed together
  6. When the screen has blinked and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot is successfully taken
  7. The results of the screenshot will go to the gallery

Screenshot using Button Combination

Using this method is commonplace and is commonly used on almost all Android devices. Here is the way for Vivo V15.

  1. Specify the page to be screenshots
  2. If so, now press the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously
  3. If the screen blinks and the sound of the camera has sounded then the screenshot has been successful
  4. For the results you can see in the gallery or directly click the notification on the Vivo V15 screen bar.

Screenshot using S Capture

  1. First, you can choose the area to be screenshot
  2. Once determined, you can open the Quick Settings menu by swiping or swiping the screen from the bottom up
  3. Furthermore, you can choose S-Capture
  4. In this menu you can directly specify various screenshot modes, starting from Rectangular, Funny Screenshot, Long Screenshot, and Record Screen
  5. In this case I chose Rectangular to produce a standard screenshot
  6. As usual, the shutter sound will be heard and the screen flashes
  7. The screenshot results can be seen in the notification menu or the Gallery application

Screenshot using the Third Application Help Application

Now if you use this method, you can just download the application from Google Play.

Just look for the screenshots application in the search menu, for how to use it you can just look at the guide on the application that you downloaded, because each application offers different ways.

That's 4 ways that you can try. Choose the most simple one to use. May be useful.

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